Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy

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Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy

23 ratings

The Aim is to Lead a Life of Excellence.

A Life Lived Excellently is Worthwhile (for others) & Fulfilling (for oneself).

But without a Solid Foundation, this Noble Aim is Unreachable.

That Solid Foundation is Character.

NOTHING can Replace Character.

Not Status. Not Influence. Not Power. Not Wealth. Not Cunning. Not IQ.

These are just Tools that can be used for Noble Achievement.

The Absence of Character guarantees the terrible use of these Tools- Leading to degenerate, miserably useless Existence.

In this Age of Instant Gratification, Glorification of celebrities, Utter reverence for wealth & all round rampant consumerism- without an Anchor, It’s Easy to slip into a life of completely wasted degeneracy.

Remember..A Fucked up Character = A Fucked up Destiny.

Character is the Soil in which Destiny Grows.

Show me an Enormous, WORTHWHILE Achievement. Impossible without Character.

Show me a Depressed, dissatisfied life despite material possessions- Possible without Character.

Character is the Grandest Thing in the World.

“But what exactly is it? ”

“How can I actively go about building it?”

“Why is it even so important?..”

Make a Study of this Small book.

Such Vital Questions it addresses Head on.

It bursts with Self Explanatory, Concise, Actionable Ideas.

Go make use of them. 

Change your Existence, Change your Life.

If you ever find yourself Disappointed with your Purchase, Write to me (Either DM me on Twitter @fatehshernu or Email me at fatehsherrnu@gmail.com) EXPLAINING YOUR EXACT REASONS. I will Gladly Refund 100% of the Amount. 


  • “I believe Fateh is one of the foremost modern authorities on what character is and how to build it. Fateh has put together a great resource of information on an important topic for anyone looking to reorient themselves in a world gone mad. Follow him, listen to him, and read this PDF, you won’t regret it.”

- Bill Masur (@futureubmindd) – Founder of the ‘Men of Character Conference’

  • "Recommended. The tabled formatting (graphs) is great with this kind of work. Virtues > Values"

- Afrojoel (@afrojoel)

  • "And of course buy @fatehshernu’s book on Building Character. A true gem at a ridiculously low price"

- Alekos (@alekosdaimon))

  • "@fatehshernu taught me the virtues of a successful man from his book "Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy". I review those virtues every morning now to ensure my actions are aligned with these virtues."

- Bulchaa Dolal (@bulcha_VE)

  • @fatehshernu I bought your little book about character and I'm glad I did. It's got me thinking for the past few hours".

- Real Talk (@Whyyouask9)

  • "Read @fatehshernu's "Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy" today. What you should be focusing on: Joy / Happiness. What you actually focus on: Sensory pleasure. Consequence: Inner Emptiness. That's goddamn right. Great use of a Sunday afternoon!"

- LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)

  • "Incorporating it and it is a good way to measure one's character and build the gaps for a fulfilling time" - Umesh Rawat

  • "Validated much of my existing thoughts but pushed me more in the area of what character represents".

  • "It has triggered a deep thinking about life's values and purpose"- Dipesh Kothari

  • "Concrete action steps"Victor Sunken

  • "It clarified a lot of beliefs I’ve had that I couldn’t articulate”- Harpreet Jhutty

  • "This is a manifesto to own and read every month for the next whole year, helped me rethink my life". Cheers- Anish Moonka


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