THRIVE- Your Cheat Code to Conquer the Modern World

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THRIVE- Your Cheat Code to Conquer the Modern World

13 ratings

THRIVE consists of my ENTIRE work to date ;

Building Character in this Age of Degeneracy (book)
✅ Resurrecting the Modern Man (book)
Decide Right. Every Time (book)
✅  Re-Wire your own Mind (Program)

✅ Unstoppability (audio program)

✅ Life Force (book) -- BONUS! 🎁

...A Brief Description of Each below...

1} Building Character In this Age of Degeneracy

The Aim is to Lead a Life of Excellence.

A Life Lived Excellently is Worthwhile (for others) & Fulfilling (for oneself).

But without a Solid Foundation, this Noble Aim is Unreachable.

That Solid Foundation is Character.

NOTHING AT ALL can Replace Character.

Not Status. Not Influence. Not Power. Not Wealth. Not Cunning. Not IQ.

These are just tools that can be used for Noble Achievement.

The Absence of Character guarantees the terrible use of these Tools- Leading to degenerate, miserably useless Existence.

In this Age of Instant Gratification, Glorification of celebrities, Utter reverence for wealth & all round rampant consumerism- without an Anchor, It’s Easy to slip into a life of completely wasted degeneracy.

Remember. A Fucked up Character = A Fucked up Destiny.

Character is the Soil in which Destiny Grows.

Show me an Enormous, WORTHWHILE Achievement. Impossible without Character.

Show me a Depressed, dissatisfied life despite material possessions- Possible without Character.

Character is the Grandest Thing in the World.

This is a short, crisp book (41 pages) free from all pretentious, theoretical jargon. Just simple actionable advice, immediately implementable. 

Table of Contents :

1. What is Character?
2. How is Character Formed?
3. The Man of Character
4. 4 Vital Makers of Character
5. The Crisis of Character
6. Views, Values, Virtues
7. The Problem of Views and Values
8. Eternal Relevance and Importance of Virtues 
9. Why Build Character?
10. Men of Character
11. The Age of Degeneracy
12. Key Virtues 
13. Actionable Advice 
14. Living a Life of Excellence
15. Actionable Advice for Parents 

2. Resurrecting the Modern Man

This book contains raw power.

Crucial, crystal clear, actionable advice to break those confused mental cobs you've formed over the years.

No long-winded bullshit information, highly motivating, action spurring points.

This contains my top 500, most motivating Tweets + 22 best articles written to date. 

Stuff which will cut deep. Which will arouse a needed Fire within to take on the world

Only Raw, Hard-hitting, Brutal shocks of Truth Statements shake & awaken sleeping Souls. 

This dazed, half-awake Era needs this now more than ever before in history.

3. Decide Right. Every Time. 

Better thinking results in better decision making.

Better decision making results in a better life.
This book equips you with Some KEY Tools you need to become a more nuanced, more shrewd thinker.
It contains a logical step by step framework that you can follow to make important decisions in your life.
And also warns about the many psychological traps we humans often fall prey to.
Written in plain-spoken English (170 pages).

Table of Contents :

1. Introduction

2. The Two Worlds 

3. S&L Analysis

4. Intuition

5. Decision Making Tools 

6. Psychological Traps 

7. Conclusion

4} Re-Wire your own Mind- Program

Your thoughts alone shape your existence.

Fact is— You can have a seemingly wonderful outer life, yet can feel like shit inwardly.

i.e You can be fully 'sorted' outwardly, yet fucked inwardly.

If you’re like most people, you’ve allowed their thinking to ‘evolve' by accident.
And such accidents usually produce unhealthy, unorganized, unsystematic, haphazard, shitty mindsets.
How do you go about fixing such accidents?
You try to manipulate things, people outside yourself— Instead of countering this inner dysfunction of yours with a higher, more aware, evolved understanding of self.
This outside-in approach ALWAYS FAILS. And will always fail.
End this cycle for good.
Take 100% charge of your mindset and revolutionize it permanently.
This is a 6-month program consisting mainly of reading and writing. Any questions I am available via DM and/or email ANYTIME to answer and address

5} Unstoppability- Powerful Affirmations to Weaponise your Mind

An Audio Program that will successfully re-wire your Brain. 

Requires NOTHING for you to do. Just relax and listen to this audio program twice a day for 2 weeks. 

Your subconscious mind will begin working for you instead of against you. 

And slowly you'll see your entire Life just transforming.  

6} Life-Force- Become a High Energy Man. Get Shit Done. Live a Fulfilling Life. (BONUS) 🎁

Poor Energy = Poor Life. 

Poor Energy = Tired = 'Sad'
Poor Energy = A Life of Intentions without Action = An Impotent Life. 
Without Energy, you cannot move shit. 
You will resist making aggressive moves that yield actual real-world results. 
You'll live a life of quiet desperation. 
Always playing the role of a passive spectator. 
Envious of others from the sidelines. 

A low energy life is a fucking death sentence. 

I would prefer to be dead than be low energy. 
This book covers 50+ strategies that have worked for me and will work for you.
Potent, proven, actionable, and absolutely practical. 
In this competitive world, if you're not at our energetic best-- you're only cheating yourself. 
This is incontestable. 

By the time you complete this book, you'll know exactly what key mindset changes you need to become High Energy. 


Status, Influence, Power, Wealth, IQ MINUS Character = Degenerate, miserable existence bound to collapse soon.

✅ Intellectual talk aka masturbation MINUS Action = Pathetically mediocre life
✅ Consistent Bad Decisions = Destroyed Destiny
✅ A Mind filled with knowledge but yet full of negative thought patterns = Extremely Self-destructive

✅ A moving zombie can't do shit except to be a destructive force. To settle for a low energy life is the biggest 'sin' a man can commit.

THRIVE addresses every one of the above areas.

It cuts through the crap…

“Thrive”— is your cheat code to THRIVE in this Modern World. 

In all-- you get no fluff, no bullshit, jam-packed, actionable advice you can start implementing right now.
Untold motivational quotes to push for more and more.
Specific reading recommendations to re-wire your mind, comprehensive guided writing exercises


✅ Develop a basic understanding regarding the worth & goal of human life
✅ Build your deepest foundations i.e your Character
✅ Stop talking and 'intending'. Start Acting 
✅ Absolve the crippling effect of various fears & doubts 
✅ Expose and destroy hidden psychological blocks
✅ Master your Mindset
✅ Master your Energy 
✅ Become a Clearer thinking, shrewd, decisive individual
 ✅ Know yourself in and out

✅ Develop high energy to actually fructify your intentions and resolutions 

Thrive will help you Weaponize your Mind to Conquer the modern world 🔑


“I believe Fateh is one of the foremost modern authorities on what character is and how to build it. Fateh has put together a great resource of information on an important topic for anyone looking to reorient themselves in a world gone mad. Follow him, listen to him, and read this PDF, you won’t regret it.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bill Masur (@futureubmindd) – Founder of the ‘Men of Character Conference’

"Recommended. The tabled formatting (graphs) is great with this kind of work. Virtues > Values" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Afrojoel (@afrojoel) 

"Fateh Singh taught me the virtues of a successful man from his book "Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy". I review those virtues every morning now to ensure my actions are aligned with these virtues."


Bulchaa Dolal (@bulcha_VE)

Read @fatehshernu's "Building Character in This Age of Degeneracy" today. What you should be focusing on: Joy / Happiness. What you actually focus on: Sensory pleasure. Consequence: Inner Emptiness. That's goddamn right. Great use of a Sunday afternoon!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)

"This is a manifesto to own and read every month for the next whole year, helped me rethink my life". ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Anish Moonka

"Decide Right is a book the delivers what it promises. It will make you a better decision-maker in all aspects of your life, be it while picking a girl or a business partner."

- LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)

"These words of wisdom provide succinct, digestible pieces of wisdom, and guidance for anyone. I know that it's written to guide the lost modern boy into manhood, but the wisdom contained is essential to help a suffering generation find its way again." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore)

"Resurrecting The Modern Man serves as an important guide to men in all aspects of their lives - mindset, women, relationships, masculinity, strength, character, and perseverance.
Raw, honest, and straightforward in its delivery, I’d recommend this book to any man who is interested in moving beyond societal falsehoods and aligning his worldview with reality" 

LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)

"Thanks to Fateh 's advice on journaling regularly I was able to conquer some deep-seated fears I had which were crippling me in my business to the point where I was literally freezing. He asked me not to speak about my fears aloud to anyone but just to put it on a paper daily and through journaling, I was able to figure out what was causing these fears in the first place and then see how baseless these fears were. Consistent journaling helped me rewire my subconscious mind and beat these fears as there is a powerful connection between the written word and the subconscious mind" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Saahil Poojara

"A succinct guide to reprogramming the mind, and points you to the right resources wherever it can - I wish I had this book to guide me when I turned 16." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, send me an email to admin@fatehshern.com with a photo of your receipt or DM me and I will give you a refund instantly.


Life Force -- 50+ practical strategies to take your energy levels through the roof. 
Get Shit Done, Live a More Fulfilling Life. 

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