Resurrecting the Modern Man

20 ratings
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Resurrecting the Modern Man

20 ratings

Resurrecting the Modern Man-- Awakening, Inspiring, Guiding 

The state of the Modern Man is beyond fucked. 

He's more connected but more lonely. More informed, but more miserable. 

More depraved. More powerless.

Apathetic victim of Self-indulgence.

Persistently clouded judgment, he passes from one error to another, from one wrong action to another, from one pitfall to another. 

Greed, Misery,  Destructive habits, Failure, Ignorance, Sickness haunt him day in and day out. 

If you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired of an existence filled with restlessness, regret, dissatisfaction & resentment, this book is for you. 

If you're listless, feel you lack a self-identity or don't possess a strong enough self Identity--this book is for you. 

If you're just looking for a kick in the arse-- this book is for you. 

If you're looking to move to the next level & you're just sick & tired of your fucked up comfort zone-- this book is for you.

This Book is your Cheat Code to thrive in this Modern world. 

No bullshit, no fluff.

Just Raw Power-Packed in a book. 

Stuff which will cut deep, hit hard, & will arouse a needed Fire within to take on the world. 

Crucial, crystal clear, actionable advice to break those confused mental cobs you've formed over the years, 

Enough of long-winded bullshit information, we want Action now. 

As I recently tweeted: "Only Raw, Hard-hitting, Brutal shocks of Truth Statements shake & awaken sleeping Souls. This dazed, half-awake Era needs this now more than ever before in history."

This is what this book will give you. 


I am a Truth seeker, Mystic, Businessman, Husband.

My Mission is to Revive Masculinity & Practical wisdom in the modern world. 

Over the past 2 years, I have used Twitter alone to spread my message & built 

a highly engaged following of more than 47000 followers--growing consistently at more than 1000 followers on a month to month basis.


Other Reviews :

"Resurrecting The Modern Man serves as an important guide to men in all aspects of their lives - mindset, women, relationships, masculinity, strength, character, and perseverance.
Raw, honest, and straightforward in its delivery, I’d recommend this book to any man who is interested in moving beyond societal falsehoods and aligning his worldview with reality"

- LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)

"These words of wisdom provide succinct, digestible pieces of wisdom and guidance for anyone. I know that it's written to guide the lost modern boy into manhood, but the wisdom contained is essential to help a suffering generation find its way again."

- Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore)

"Ok, so what do I get ?" 

---> 200+ pages (not a typical 50 page E-book).

---> 450 most powerful, Handpicked tweets of mine.

---> 22 Topmost crisp, most pointed, Articles I've ever written. 

---> Thought-provoking, Hard-hitting, Action-oriented content aimed to Awaken, Inspire & Guide.

---> No fluff, Easy, Punchy, Engaging Reading-- not drab, lifeless information written in chapters after chapters merely to fill pages. 

---> A no bullshit, Holistic Self Development Code.

---> Underlying subject Themes are Masculinity, Mission, Character Building, Mindset Formation, Philosophy, Wisdom, Relationships, Intersexual dynamics, Productivity, Time Management, Motivation & Inspiration, Health, Dealing with negative emotions, Energy Management. 
Total overall Self Mastery.

You're fully covered. 

This book is the CORE, the Heart, and Soul of all my work to date. 

My Friend...

This book will be a great Companion.

When you're feeling hopeless, drained, dejected & depressed-- It will give you a dash of instant energy & inspiration. 

It speaks blunt, brutal truths to your soul, and will free you from your own self created chains. 

Bitter at first, sweet later. 

It will be your firm guide during your never-ending march towards an ever more happy, noble, energetic, and fulfilled existence.

Even the energy of the least ambitious man is only latent. There is Gunpowder enough in most anyone- A Spark alone is needed. 

This book will light a spark within, finally giving birth to an Eternally furious, inextinguishable fire. 

It's filled with living Truths to make it a storehouse of incentives. 

There's encouragement, inspiration, and helpfulness on every page...

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee :

If you happen to by any chance be dissatisfied with your purchase--  just email me your receipt within 30 days of your purchase along with your reasons and I will refund you the entire amount. 

I want this!


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