Re-wire your own Mind- A simple, executable guide

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Re-wire your own Mind- A simple, executable guide

32 ratings


My friend,

Are you aware that you think around 50,000 thoughts a day?

And almost 95% of them are repeated again and again and again? Day in and day out?

Yes, this is 100% true.

Now, these thoughts govern not only your actions (which of course get repeated unknowingly because of the repetition of thoughts),

But also how you experience the experience of being alive.

Read that again.

And let it sink in fully. 


Fact is— You can have a seemingly wonderful outer life, yet can feel like shit inwardly.

i.e You can be fully 'sorted' outwardly, yet fucked inwardly.

You can be vacationing in the Maldives, be driving fancy cars-- yet feel vacuous.

Your thoughts and your thoughts ALONE make or break your experience of life itself.

They ALONE shape the very Quality of your existence.



Only you can experience your own 'thought world’.

Only you can help yourself create your own ‘thought world’.

Your inner world cannot be experienced by anyone outside you.

Your friends & family may be very ‘close’ to you, but they can’t experience it, the way you do.

Your thoughts & emotions are yours to contend with. Alone.

You are the creator, and you are the experiencer.

In that sense— You are alone.

You alone are thinking and experiencing the effects of those 50,000 thoughts per day.

Just like every single human being on Earth.


Your thoughts, your emotions -- they are yours to create. 

This can be a scary insight, yet a deeply freeing one.

Your own thinking is entirely and utterly under your control.

You can dictate the flow, intensity, and quality of your thoughts.

This sounds impossible to most.


Since you’re experiencing this inner world alone, since this inner world alone decides how you will experience ‘being alive’, it’s your no.1 duty to ensure it’s created with great precision & care.

Most people have never consciously learned about their own thought processes.

They’ve never acquainted themselves with their own thinking patterns.

They’ve never learned how to a. think and b. Control & direct their own thinking.

They’ve allowed their thinking to ‘evolve' by accident.

And such accidents usually produce unhealthy, unorganized, unsystematic, haphazard, shitty mindsets.

How do they go about fixing such accidents?

They go about trying to manipulate things, people outside themselves— Instead of countering this inner dysfunction with a higher, more aware, evolved understanding of self.

This outside-in approach ALWAYS FAILS.

The frustration & dejection ensuing continues.

The cycle goes on.

Finally, they give up.

Having never being able to experience the highly emotionally satisfying reward of a clear, crisp, organized mind.


These are other typical symptoms you may be experiencing :

You are unaware of who you really are.

You don’t quite FEEL confident.

You are unsure about where you’re going.

You feel you lack a clear self-identity.

You are starving for a sense of greater ‘grounding’.

You are hungry to be able to assert yourself with more force.

You feel overcome & overpowered by your own thoughts.

You are full of vague thoughts & ideas about yourself and the world.

You feel Completely lost/ Looking for a greater sense of connectedness with yourself & the world.

You desire to be much more than you are, but are unclear about exactly what.

You yearn to fulfill your potential and activate your latent strengths in a channelized fashion.


Treat this unique guide as your final prescription.

1. You will elevate your entire understanding of core principles via a thorough reading process (which will last up to 6-8 months— 17 books ) 

By reading these books you will massively expand your mental models.

The books recommended in this guide will alter your perspectives permanently. 

These books are very carefully chosen to address the most critical perspectives you must internalize WHILE YOU REWIRE YOUR MIND

This reading process itself helps rewire the mind.

Each ‘perspective’ is briefly mentioned along with the recommended book (which further elaborates in the needed detail regarding the particular perspective).

All great minds consciously or unconsciously understand & are completely familiar with these perspectives.

These perspectives will come of great aid in automatically impacting your innermost, subconscious thinking patterns.

2. You will learn how to bring out the best within yourself through visualization & organized writing. 

You will need to have access to Microsoft excel--to download and use a comprehensive excel spreadsheet for writing.

The goal of this spreadsheet is for you to :

Organize your thoughts and track your progress.

Feel like you’re growing perpetually

Revive a sense of mission and enthusiasm for life

Develop much deeper Clarity of thought

Slowly but surely acquire full control over your mind. Understand yourself like a King.

Live life authentically— true to your own values

Slowly but surely — evolve into your ideal self

How much this guide will work for you depends on your level of commitment and hard work.

It demands active work, consistent work over a period of time.

Reading, writing, visualizing is fun mental labor, but it’s still labor.

If you’re not prepared to do the work, leave this page.

I can guarantee you that UNDERSTANDING & INTERNALISATION will forever rewire your mind— via reading, writing, lifting, visualizing—> covered in the guide.

This simple process-- I have applied with tons of men & women around the world and has worked successfully.

It’s a system that CANNOT fail provided you do the work.

Do yourself, your family, friends, and most importantly your future & ideal self a favor…

The returns of this tiny investment are infinite.


"A succinct guide to reprogramming the mind, and points you to the right resources wherever it can - I wish I had this book to guide me when I turned 16."

- LifeMathMoney (@LifeMathMoney)

"Thanks to Fateh 's advice on journaling regularly I was able to conquer some deep-seated fears I had which were crippling me in my business to the point where I was literally freezing. He asked me not to speak about my fears aloud to anyone but just to put it on a paper daily and through journaling, I was able to figure out what was causing these fears in the first place and then see how baseless these fears were. Consistent journaling helped me rewire my subconscious mind and beat these fears as there is a powerful connection between the written word and the subconscious mind"

- Saahil Poojara 


If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, send me an email with your receipt & I will refund 100% of the amount within 24 hours, no questions asked.

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