Unstoppability- A Powerful Affirmation Programme to Weaponise your Mind

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Unstoppability- A Powerful Affirmation Programme to Weaponise your Mind

28 ratings

Your inner emotional life determines your Inner Experience of the World & the outer Impact you make upon the world. 

Your Thoughts lie at the Root of this Emotional Life. 

Life is "conquered" by conquering your own mind.

You conquer your own mind by systematically training it.

You "train" it by brainwashing it. 

You brainwash it by working on your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind. 

Affirmations train your Subconscious Mind

A weak, impotent fearful mind sees suffering in everything. 

It looks upon life as turmoil. 

A strong, disciplined, energetic mind looks upon Life as an Adventure.

It sees Opportunity, Excitement, and Adventure all around. 

Weak Minds create tragic, wasted lives. 

Strong, disciplined, focused Minds become unforgettable legends. 

This powerful audio program will turn your mind into a weapon.

Simple Instructions : 

1. Listen to the program at least twice a day when the mind is most receptive.

2. Calm yourself down & Visualize with full feeling while listening to it.

3. You will feel "weird" in the beginning. Embrace the weirdness. It will transform into deep conviction soon.

4. This is a mental journey. Have a blast!

5. Within 2 weeks, you'll notice very very powerful changes in your psyche.

(Audio uploaded both in M4a and Wav formats)

100% Money-Back Guarantee :

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase,

Just send an email with a screenshot of your receipt to admin@fatehshernu.com

I will refund the entire amount within 24 hours of receiving your email. 

You may even DM me on Twitter directly @fatehshernu

"The scientific thinker does not make external things causative; he realizes these are effects, not causes".

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